hospital booking services medical support services bahrain, oman, qatar

About Us

medical support services bahrain, oman, qatar

Universal Medical Transfer Services is an international medical transfer service provider that you can trust when you need to move a loved one with special medical needs from anywhere in the world to anywhere in the world. UMT is part of the World’s largest Medical Transfer Assistance Network spanning across 195 Countries. We offer a wide range of medical transfer services, from our medical bed-to-bed private air ambulance service for patients with the most urgent needs to our non-emergency medical escort service, in which one of our highly trained staff members accompanies a patient on a commercial flight. We use our extensive experience and expertise to help you determine which service would be the best for the patient’s specific medical needs, including arranging for a commercial flight with stretcher facility if required along with experienced Doctor / Physician / Paramedic.

Universal Medical Transfers also provide the Hospital Bed and Treatment Booking services as well as Doctors appointment booking services for you.

UMT also offer evacuation service and emergency assistance to individuals and groups stranded in any country, in need of medical evacuation or safety at the time of natural or man-made disaster. Depending on the situation, we will organize air ambulance, medical flights or ground transport assistance and evacuate you to your home country or the nearest medical facility. If you are a citizen or foreigner in any country, we will evacuate you, no matter the state or place. UMT Emergency Assistance ensures a swift evacuation in the most comfortable and hassle-free way as possible.