Situations Where Air Ambulance Is Needed

An air ambulance is an aircraft that is generally equipped with Advanced Medical Equipments and Emergency Medical Supplies to transport patients from place to place. Air Ambulance comes with required pieces of equipment to meet emergency situations before transferring to a hospital. This means that the hospital receives an already stabilized patient and is able to proceed with more advanced surgery or other treatment options very quickly. There are different requirements for different patients to get airlifted. It can be very expensive and sometimes can even be difficult to get. The terrain of the place plays a very important role. Generally, a doctor will advise a patient to get shifted to another location, and the air ambulance starts flying. In other cases, we have seen people getting air medical support during natural calamities. There stays a myth that medical air transport is only for extraordinary situations. The truth is that it can be attributed from general situations involving transferring patients from hospital to home to situations demanding emergency medical services.

Acute emergency patients need transportation to another country

Acute emergency care is often performed quickly and urgently for emergency needs including accidents, injuries, or sudden medical needs. A patient is treated for a brief but severe phase of illness for conditions that are the result of disease or trauma, and during recovery from surgery in a foreign country now needs treatment like intensive care, coronary care, cardiology, neonatal intensive care, and many general areas where the patient could become acutely unwell and require stabilization and transfer to another country. For this, an air ambulance is a must to get the emergency treatment at the right place. And sometimes unexpected medical issues can arise while you are in a foreign land, where you are unsure about your medical care and don’t really know if the local hospital will be able to treat you properly. Here also you have to depend on an air ambulance.

Patients hospitalized in remote areas with trauma emergency

Specialty care and specialists are increasingly housed in urban areas but are less available in rural settings. Here Air Ambulances have become much more important to patients in remote areas with urgent medical needs. The unfortunate state of rural hospitals today makes people living in rural areas inaccessible to timely medical care. Great a number of communities in rural areas are finding themselves cut off from access to emergency care because of recent changes and decreased funding in the health care delivery system in most of the countries.

Patients require organ transplant from a foreign country

It is a fact approved by the whole world that once you have placed yourself on the organ recipient list, it can take years to find a suitable donor. If you are blessed enough to have one at the right time at the right place like finding it is the donor from the same city, everything seems so smooth. Think of the right time at the wrong place. The donor is miles apart, in a foreign country. Every second counts here, inevitably an air ambulance is needed in the hour to transport the organs. Or if you are unable to travel far distances for a  transplant surgery you may use an air ambulance. Sometimes a patient who needs a transplant will have an organ flown from another country. Air ambulances come in handy in such scenarios.

An organ transplant is a process to replace a failed or damaged organ surgically with a healthy one. Timely organ transport is essential to save a life. Slow-moving vehicles are a threat to the patients’ life. Air ambulances play a very important role in such transportation services, this operation is 100% safe for sensitive organs like the heart, kidneys, liver, etc. In such a background of an organ transplant, the demand is exceeded much higher than the supply and Air Ambulance plays a very important role in traffic.

COVID -19 patients to get transferred to far off health care facility

Imagine a situation where you get infected with Coronavirus while staying in a foreign country. We all know that when the whole situation gets severe and the hospital runs out of beds for patients, even the clinics are already operating at maximum capacity, the first and foremost solution we look for will be an air ambulance flight to one’s home country that arises rather quickly.

A patient with suspected or confirmed Coronavirus is not allowed to travel on a scheduled flight precisely because of the high risk of contagion. Air ambulance is the most suitable remedy in such cases. Overlooking extreme temperatures in full Personal Protection Equipment confined to small spaces for hours and complex logistical issues are some of the challenges that have been highlighted when transporting patients with COVID-19.

Patient on ECMO to get transferred to far off health care facility

Extracorporeal Membrane Oxygenator (ECMO) is an emergency medical equipment for the transportation of patients who suffer from respiratory and heart failure. Here Air Ambulance is the most recommended transportation service to steer away from life-threatening situations for the patients. An ECMO machine provides life support while the healthcare team takes care of the patient or until organs for transplant become available. Healthcare providers always try their best to take the patient out of the ECMO machine support. While few diseases or injuries can be treated quickly, other conditions may take longer to treat, in such cases the ECMO machine may have to be used for a longer duration. Unfortunately, some do not improve enough to be taken off the ECMO machine. ECMO can’t save everyone but it can be helpful for many critically ill people, who are not responding to usual life support.

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